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The mission of the Lansing Area Safety Council is to provide safety education programming and serve as a resource hub to greater Lansing.   

Our vision is to provide the Lansing area with the education, tools, and resources to create a culture of safety for our citizens.




History of the Safety Council

The Lansing Area Safety Council was created in 1939 out of the Lansing Chamber of Commerce Safety Committee. The leaders of Lansing, including the mayor’s office, chamber, police, Fire, and community leaders came together to create one entity that would serve as the safety education and resource hub for Lansing.

The Lansing Area Safety Council was organized on December 1, 1939 by a group of local business people, Chamber of Commerce officials, City Council members, and Police & Fire officers who felt that Lansing had some safety needs that were going unmet. The first meeting was held at the Hotel Olds in downtown Lansing. One hundred people were in attendance for a $1.25 a plate dinner! On that evening, the Safety Council was formed.

For 84 years the Lansing Area Safety Council has provided safety education to the greater Lansing area. Education programs have included CPR and first aid training, school safety programs, Safety Patrol Picnic, and other programs that have helped to keep the Lansing community safe and educated on safety prevention methods.

Timeline of the Lansing Area Safety Council

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