Consent Workshop

Consent Workshop for Elementary Age Children

Saturday, August 12, 2023, at Lansing Community College Gannon Building, Michigan Room

12:00-2:00pm in conjunction with the Community Safety & Resource Fair

Understanding consent is vital at every age. This workshop has been designed to approach consent in an age-appropriate, kid-friendly way. Participants start by picking up their bingo cards. As they make their way through the event—at each station—there is a stamp for their bingo card. There are various types of activities, including one break-out room specifically for interested adults.

Children of all ages learn about standing up for themselves with the help of a committee member and a colored balloon. Posters throughout the space guide kids in learning about what consent is, why it matters, different ways to greet people, respecting boundaries, saying no, and being able to feel—judgment-free—in their bodies. Short cartoons on a loop provide another way to learn about consent. An ice cream sundae bar has teams making sundaes for each other after discussing likes, dislikes, and safety. The follow-up questions teach about debriefing from an experience.

Completed bingo cards get a prize. And as consent is essential, participants must only visit each station to get a stamp. No one is required to participate in any activity they do not want to do. After leaving this workshop, our goal is that kids and their adults are better equipped to include consent in their daily lives.